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Sightglass Coffee @ Bartlett House

In 2009 brothers, Justin and Jerad, founded Sightglass Coffee, housed behind a roll-up garage door in an early twentieth century warehouse in San Francisco. Two years later, equipped with passion and support, Sightglass was able to expand to a complete in-house production roastery, taking up the entirety of the warehouse, fostering a community gathering space, and sustaining and developing relationships with independent coffee producers all over the world. Sightglass’ offices, coffee bar, and community is preserved and experienced under one roof, while also signifying the expansiveness of their coffee farmers and sourcing partners, hailing from such countries as Ethiopia, Rwanda, Columbia, and Papua New Guinea.

Sightglass sources coffee directly from its origin in freshly harvested lots. Being present at origin allows them to see all the factors that determine a coffee’s overall quality, from processing methods to soil and farm conditions. This enables them to discern the best expression of each coffee they work with. Ultimately, they aim to deliver the highest quality achievable in all aspects of their business, whether that be sourcing the most beautiful and astounding coffees attainable or utilizing the most mindful and quality-focused practices possible.

We are proud to brew and serve Sightglass Coffee at the Bartlett House, through hands-on education by their incredibly dedicated and knowledgeable staff, we aspire to uphold Sightglass’ values. We work with Sightglass because their philosophy is very much in line with our own. They approach coffee as a craft and put great emphasis on the story behind each of their growers and sustainable harvests.

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