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Starling Yards Farm

Starling Yards is a sustainable family-operated farm in Red Hook, New York, started by Thad Simerly and Kimberley Hart. They supply the Hudson Valley community with over one hundred organically grown varieties of vegetables and pastured eggs through their CSA, regional restaurants, and wholesale distributors, while also feeding individuals and families throughout Red Hook, Milan, Rhinebeck, Tivoli, Germantown, and Hudson. The farm is also home to a budding flock of sheep and the occasional group of pastured pigs.

Starling Yards views small-scale sustainable farming as a way to maintain the land while expanding access to sustainably grown food, strengthening community and illustrating their values. The ways in which they respect the land, animals, their neighbors and family is central to how they approach farming. Using tractors minimally, without the use of synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides or fungicides, Starling Yards farms on a human scale, ethically and sustainably.

Throughout the year Bartlett House and Starling Yards work side by side, selecting the seed varieties to be harvested for our menu each season. As collaborators we are intensely engaged with all aspects of food that Starling Yards grows and Bartlett House serves. From luscious tomatoes to succulent herbs and greens, we welcome our guests to participate in and savor Hudson Valley’s magnificent bounty.

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