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Our Favorites: Les Collines

Les Collines originated from the mind of a serious creator, scholar, and enthusiast, Brigid, who began making jellies and preserves as a form of zen. It also retains the most serendipitous name, since “les collines” means “hills” in French, referencing Brigid’s cultural background, childhood, and scholarship (she also achieved a PhD in French) as well as the name Coline belonging to her mother, and Colin to her uncle. The name encompasses it all: family, customs, and nature.

Brigid had grown up with a tradition of annual preserve-making and was drawn back to it when her crab-apple tree began to produce. There came the birth of her first two products, the Crabapple jelly and then the Cider Sage jelly to follow in the fall of 2013. Today, there are a variety of flavors that are inspired by seasons, words, and ideas that are fluid and constantly being experimented with. Brigid wants to awaken our relationship to jams and that “this is not only about breakfast” but can be incorporated into any meal of the day.

Les Collines sources its fruit from local farms and orchards, to which much of the time they do their own picking and gathering. Every other ingredient that goes into their products is organic. The fruit that cannot be sourced locally, like the Meyer Lemon, is sourced through a local organic marketplace. Les Collines is a moving example of being both supported by and supporting all that the Hudson Valley has to offer. We find great pleasure in dedicating space at Bartlett House to Les Collines’ beautiful jellies and preserves.

Currently we are carrying four distinguished variations: Concord Grape Preserves, Blackberry Preserves, Chipped Pear Jelly, Hot Pepper Jelly. For more information on each flavor we recommend visiting their website:

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