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Like a monument frozen in time, Bartlett House stands alone on an acre of land on iconic route 66. Once surrounded by a cluster of buildings, it was a flourishing railroad hotel from 1870 to the mid-1900s, serving as the social center of the then industrial town of Ghent, New York. If its walls could talk, they would tell tales of rowdy caucuses and lively parties.

A national historic site, Bartlett House has remained quiet for decades—until 2016. Its communal spirit has been revived through high-quality food and high-quality company. A hub of creativity and companionship, the building now hosts a collaboration of masterminds—chefs, bakers, farmers—all dedicated to creating extraordinary experiences for the taste buds with the best of what the Hudson Valley has to offer.

Abuzz with the hum of a state-of-the-art kitchen and bakery, Bartlett House café offers the most approachable and freshest fare around, from scrumptious soups, salads and sandwiches to mouthwatering skillet chicken and roasts. The air is filled with irresistible aromas of the world’s best baking traditions, including exquisite breads, flaky croissants, and reimagined muffins. Complementing these tasty eats is exceptional coffee sourced from Sightglass, a San Francisco-based company specializing in sustainable harvests.

The Hudson Valley itself is an important part of the Bartlett House experience. We are surround by farmers that have been cultivating the same fields for generations as well as a new breed of growers that have traded in their laptops for land.

No matter where they’re from or where they’re heading, everyone is welcomed at Bartlett House like family. Guests can savor brunch and dinner or pick up a treat to enjoy later. A home away from home, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a good book or catch up with neighbors over a beer or a glass of wine. Once again, Bartlett House stands in its original glory, alive with the energy of the community, providing nourishment through the experience of good taste.

















When Bartlett House opened in 2016, founders Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg began developing a collection of signature jams inspired by the flavors, scents and seasonal memories of their new life in the Hudson Valley. The pair created beauty company Fresh, in 1991 and used their decades of experience working with natural ingredients to inform and inspire their new adventure.

The jams, for Lev, are a way of capturing the essences of his favorite moments of taste – the effervescence of juicy, voluptuous, stone fruits bursting in late summer, crisp, deep magenta root vegetables unearthed in fall, glowing fields of soft, fragrant marigolds blooming springtime – and enhancing them. His goal is to preserve these moments in time. Guided by his vast knowledge of composing essence and flavor, Bartlett House jams are able to generate high-impact taste experiences with innovative low-sugar recipes.

In the beginning, Lev and Alina created Cherry Apricot jam to complement the rustic breads and classic pastries crafted daily in the bakery. Cherry Apricot quickly became a favorite among Bartlett House guests and was a popular souvenir of a visit to Columbia County. Since then, the team has developed 5 more flavors, completing their first collection with Strawberry Marigold in summer 2018. The 6 flavors includes 5 jams and 1 preserve – a distinction that comes from the amount of fruit pulp and the consistency of the fruit texture within the recipe.

The jams are carefully packed in classically retro square jars topped with black metal caps. Alina designs the vibrantly colorful labels with patterns inspired by the character of the juicy fruits, berries and vegetables in each of the recipes. As a finishing touch, every jar is wax-sealed by hand with a custom blossom monogram – a detail reminiscent of Lev and Alina’s early soaps at Fresh. The blossom mark is derived from the inlaid tiles at the bakery counter. This detail served as a jumping off point for the individual geometric label patterns for each flavor.

Bartlett house jams are available in our online store, at our bakery counter, at The Maker Café in Hudson, Rubiner’s Cheesemongers in Great Barrington, and Fresh Beauty Kitchen in New York City.

Bartlett House, Ghent, 1934

By Walker Evans
from the Metropolitan Museum of Art collection.

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