Bartlett House – Kitchen, Bakery, Café in Ghent, NY – Directions

Our Favorites: Blueberry Rose Jam

Our Blueberry Rose Jam is a delicate flavor enriched with handfuls of  blueberries soaked in fragrant rose water. The classic blueberry jam is elevated by accentuating the berry’s natural floral notes with the lusciousness of roses. The pairing is undeniably romantic. 6.3 oz $12.50

Our Favorites: Bartlett House Four Reds Jam

We are so excited to announce the launch of our own original flavor borne out of a passionate taste for all things berry! Our Four Reds jam is a delicious love letter to some of our favorite red berries. Sweet strawberries, rich raspberries, and tart red currants & cranberries make up the wholesome texture and […]

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