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Our Favorites: Strawberry Marigold Jam

Our Strawberry Marigold Jam marries the sweet nature of ripened strawberries with the delicately earthy flavor of the vibrant Marigold flower. Whole local strawberries are combined with the petals of the Marigold and infused with Marigold concentrate that is further accentuated by a touch of green pepper. This classic jam recipe is elevated to celebrate both fruit & flower […]

Our Favorites: Carrot Orange Blossom Preserve

Our Carrot and Orange Blossom Jam is unapologetically bright and sunny, gushing with brilliant savory flavor. Orange Blossom, the fragrant flower of the orange tree, guides the elegance of this jam while roasted carrots add a fresh and herbaceous texture throughout. Bestowed with finely-milled pink peppercorn, this jam transforms into pure sunshine with a little […]

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